Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Affordable comic book pressing services and dry cleaning. Professionals and experts that impress!

Pressing Services:

At Impressive Comic Books, we provide premium pressing services. The process of comic book pressing can be used to repair bends, folds, indents, and creases that do not break color! Additionally, waves and ripples on interior pages can also be corrected, and some water damage can be corrected as well!

Dry Cleaning

Comic book dry cleaning is the process of using dry techniques to remove surface dirt, grime, pencil, and markings on your comic books. Additionally, brown and tan coloring can not be removed from the comic book with dry cleaning.

Things to Note:

Please, keep in mind that pressing service and dry cleaning are NOT considered restorative practices by CGC or CBCS, however, both practices are considered standard procedures before submitting for comic grading.

Why You Should Using A Pressing Service For Your Comic Books

Sending your comic in for a pressing service can greatly improve the overall quality and grading of your comics. The process behind comic pressing entails removing small defects and damages due to old age and misuse.

You can expect a substantial increase in appearance and grading, which will also increase your overall value for the comic books.

Impressive Comic Books: Authorized and Trusted Dealer

Impressive Comic Books is not only a CBCS and CGC authorized dealer, but we have years of experience and a passion for working with comic books. Although it may be more convenient to go onto google and search for comic book pressing services near me, it’s more important to work with a trusted company that cares.

When you want your comic books to be cared for and improved, Impressive Comic Books is your number one choice!

Comic Book Pressing Commonly Asked Questions

What is a comic book pressing service?
It is a NON-restorative technique to improve the overall appearance and value of a comic book
What are some comic defects that can be fixed?

Bends, folds, indents, and creases that DO NOT break color. Waves, ripples & interior pages as well as some water damage can be corrected as well!

What can be dry cleaned?

Surface dirt and pencil marks. Pen, harsh stains and most other brown or tan-colored stain can not be cleaned. .

Is pressing considered restoration?

NO, pressing and dry cleaning comic books is not considered restoration by CGC or CBCS. Although pressing is considered standard practice before submitting your comic books for grading.

How do you submit comics for pressing?

Head over to our regular submission form or fast-track submission page to get started!

Payment & Bulk submissions?

You can send all payments to Paypal. Make payments out to or checks can be made out to Gary Kendra (note: payment is due after I review your order)

Turnaround times and Before & After pics

Turnaround times are usually 4 weeks standard. However, they can be quicker or slower depending on the current workload and demand. EMAIL US ABOUT OUR FAST TRACK

We always choose the best photo for Before and after shots. Images are $5 a book before and after.

Can you forward books to CGC or CBCS?

YES! We are a CGC & CBCS authorized dealer and can pass along those savings to you as a client. Graded Books ALWAYS ship directly back to you and the grading!

Any time a Graded comic is removed from its slab there is no guarantee it will remain the same grade once opened. This is standard practice in the industry. Grade increases and grades going down are common and you as the submitter assume all risks when asking Impressive Comic Books to crack and resubmit your collectible.

Removing comics from tamper-proof holders from CGC and CBCS comes with risk, while we have processed 1000s of books removed from slabs safely over the years there is always an inherited risk of removing comics from the holders. You as the submitter have the choice to crack the comics yourself if you don’t choose to waive liability of Impressive comic books doing so.

Pack your comic books SAFE!

Please take the time to protect your comics by packing them safely… if you need any tips please email us at

Do you press square-bound books and magazines? What about Signed Books?

YES, and YES! we do square-bound and some glued spine books. We also work with larger-sized magazines. (Note: Glued & Square spine book are subject to rejection) This is because of their unique nature. Signed books are ok and welcome! Any comic books signed in sharpie are safe to press as well!