Comic Book Submission Form

Modern $13 Fair Market Value (FMV) $400 or less 1975+, Economy $20 FMV $400-999 any age

Fast Track/Standard $65 FMV $1000+ any age

Submitting your book for comic pressing has never been easier here at Impressive Comic Books! Fill out our simple comic submission form below, and we will get started on your comic cleaning right away!

Keep in mind that TAT(Turn Around Time) varies please email for accurate times.. With that being said, the TAT can be faster or slower depending on the current workload. Email us if you are interested in learning about FAST TRACK!

Comic Grading, Comic Cleaning, and Comic Pressing Submission Form

Please use this form for all comic grading, comic cleaning, and comic pressing services.

Please remember to pack your comics as safely as possible to avoid any damages in transit.
You can use this form to submit square-bound books and magazines as well as sign books!
Note: We are currently not offering discounts for bulk submissions.